How To Be Productive At Work


Some of us would have moments when we’d be so in the zone that it felt like we can work all day; but of course, we would also have those lazy and uninspiring days when all we seem to want to do is just check our Facebook, check our email over and over again, or bug our friends in our Messenger list just because. But then you’d be reminded of how there’s so many things to be done that you just can’t afford to slack off. How do we push ourselves to be productive? Let me share with you some of the things that worked for me.

Create a time schedule for your tasks

The trick here is to learn when is the best time to do your daily office routine so that no time will be wasted thinking about which task to do next. For example: schedule to check your email and social media in the morning as soon as you get to your desk and an hour before work ends. Only check email messages that has an important or urgent sign in it because the rest, most probably, can wait until later. After checking your emails, you can proceed with dividing which task should be done in the morning and then in the afternoon. Since I work with creative outputs, I usually do the postings (and scheduling of postings) and graphics in the morning and the writing in the afternoon. The idea here is to focus on one united task at a given time.

Give yourself a break once in awhile

There is a research that proves taking short breaks during long tasks can actually help a person maintain his level of productivity; while working on one task without breaks can have a slow decline in productivity or performance. Stand up, walk a bit, get coffee, or say “hi” to a colleague.  It doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of stretching and socializing.

It’s never too late to use a checklist

Keeping a to-do list for the day helped me in being on-track with work. Personally, I prefer a written list so I always keep my planner on my desk and even take it anywhere I go. That way I can always update it and even make notes when necessary. For those of you who prefer going paperless, you can always go digital. There are ready-to-use note pad applications in phones now may it be in Android or iOS or you can always check the App Store for your preferred note pad or planner.

There is always a way on how we can do our work better. A colleague from my previous work once told me that we shouldn’t wait for inspiration to knock on our doors, but instead we should initiate and look for it. Agree?

Gellie Abogado is the Marketing & Communications Officer of LIGHT and is also currently a beauty and style blogger at You may follow her online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) through her username, @gelleesh.

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