I Got Promoted! Now What?


If you’re like me, who’s working on an 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM job (well technically it’s 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM for me, but you know what I mean!), getting promoted will never be off of your list. Let’s not kid ourselves, we all want a promotion or a raise at the very least! But once we already got it, what do we do next? As much as we’d always want to be “the very best,” *cue Pokemon theme* that cannot just simply happen all the time. Upon reaching the next level, it’s time for us to work hard again for the next one. It may sound like a never ending cycle but as long as we’re living we should never stop growing, right?

So what should you be doing right after a promotion? Definitely not start slacking off.

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KNOW WHAT’S EXPECTED FROM YOU.  When you get promoted it doesn’t just mean you get a raise but you will also have bigger responsibilities. If you are given your own staff, it means you need not to go into the little details but you now have to be more critical with the work which will be submitted to you. Best to also talk to your new immediate supervisor and discuss things with him/her regarding how you can both work together and what both your expectations are.

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CONTINUE GROWING. Never stop learning and improving your skills. Again, slacking off should never be part of your list after a promotion. A promotion is not just a reward but a show of trust from your bosses. It means they believe and trust that you can now handle bigger responsibilities and that you wouldn’t just stagnate afterwards. Propose and attend training and seminars which will enhance your skills. Read and research more on how you can improve processes within your department or unit too. Don’t wait for your boss to hand you the lessons you should be learning yourself.

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PRACTICE HUMILITY ALL THE TIME. Be happy and proud of your achievement but at the same time, always check if you still have both of your feet on the ground. Remember that it is the Lord who even said that with Humility comes wisdom (Proverbs 11:2). As much as you’ve earned that promotion, there are still things you cannot do on your own and you can never be the best in EVERYTHING. You will need the help of other people and you would not have gotten that far without some help from your team mates and even your own boss.

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HAVE A LONG-TERM GOAL. Remember that during your (or at least one of your previous) job interview you were asked, “How do you see yourself ten years from now?” While it is true that it will be appreciated if you lasted ten or even more years at your work, it doesn’t mean that you should just stay where you were from day one. After finally getting the promotion you’ve been wanting, what is your next goal? What do you plan on doing after five to ten years? If you do not have plans of reaching for something, you won’t grow at all. Remember point number 2? Continue growing!

But of course aside from all of the points shared, it is also important to celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. You do deserve every bit of success and blessing you’re getting and as long as you do not forgot what and who (only for His name and glory, of course!) you’re doing it for, you’ll be fine.

Gellie Abogado is the Marketing & Communications Officer of LIGHT and is also currently a beauty and style blogger atwww.gelleesh.com. You may follow her online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) through her username, @gelleesh.

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