Non-Financial Services


With Holistic Transformation as the main goal of LIGHT, the organization facilitates various activities, fellowships, mentoring, and counselling that will introduce our members to the word of the Lord as we act as the instruments illuminating the love of Christ to everyone.


LIGHT believes that education plays an important role in helping families alleviate from poverty; thus, the LIGHT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM provides grant scholarship opportunities to deserving children of low income families and also aims to provide spiritual nurturing for the scholars and their families.


Along with the financial products of LIGHT, the organization believes it is also necessary to educate its members to being proper financial stewards; hence the FINANCIAL LITERACY program aims to raise the level of awareness of our program members with regard to proper financial management not just with their current enterprises but also within their own household.


Poor health and nutrition is one of the limiting factors towards economic productivity; that is why LIGHT's HEALTH and NUTRITION PROGRAM focuses on educating and raising awareness about practical knowledge of keeping a healthy physical body to all its program members and staff.


The COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT program of LIGHT aims to empower communities in helping themselves get out poverty through properly managing and maximizing their resources. Currently, LIGHT serves 41 members of Carolina Community Farmers Association (CCFA) in Brgy. Carolina, Naga City.


The FAMILY LIFE PROGRAM of LIGHT is focused on helping families improve and strengthen their walk with Christ and their relationships with each other which meets their unique emotional, physical, relational and spiritual growth needs, and moves them toward a life of faith together in their marriage and Family life.


As part of LIGHT’s integrated approach towards holistic transformation, the organization provides a MASS WEDDING ceremony as part of its institutional programs. The organization encourages its unwed program members who are currently in a live-in relationship to protect their rights and fulfill their moral obligations through the sanctity of marriage.

DRRM (Disaster Risk & Reduction Management)

In support and partnership with NDRRM, the DRRM program of LIGHT aims to provide awareness to our staff and clients on the risk mitigation in case of disasters through lectures and drills. The organization also provides relief assistance to its program members and staff who have been victimized by any calamities.