Quick Exercise Ideas for the Busy You


Finding time for exercise is a challenging task. Agree? Especially to us, professionals, we have so many excuses – overtime, busy, stressed, etc. And if you are one of those who frequent the gym, you might have heard from a friend whenever you’d ask them to come with you the usual, “naku, next time na lang!” or “sige, try ko tomorrow.

What could have been the problem? I think it could be because they lack motivation and they think that going to the gym and working out is just for people who are into body building. To be quite fair though, going to the gym may look intimidating at first but exercising and working out isn’t just for bodybuilders. What people should understand is that according to experts, exercising is actually good for our whole well-being.

But let’s solve the other “excuse” as well… Busy daw. Actually, you do not need to even be at the gym to get your body moving. Yep, you read it right. You can be fit and healthy even at your own home, or to make things more interesting, let’s add the office. Surprised and excited to know how? Let’s start then!

  1. The 5-Minute Morning Ritual
    • 1 minute jog in place
    • 1 minute squat
    • 1 minute push-ups
    • 1 minute sit-ups
    • 1 minute elbow plank
  2. The Ice Breaker:


    (Image Source: Pinterest.com)

  3. Have a coffee or snack break at work? Try this out:


    (Image Source: Fitneass.com)

  4. If you’re feeling more energetic, during lunch time you can actually go out for a walk. This can help rejuvinate you mentally and physically. When you return to the office, go have some healthy food… Vegetables and lean meat! With this, you can even decrease calories consumed and even burn some because of your walk. Another tip, make sure you keep some healthy snacks on your desk in case you feel hungry. Remember, small frequent meals help.
  5. And if you suddenly realize that you’d want to hit the gym after all, you may start with the treadmill (for cardio) and then proceed with some dumbbells and bands; or,an alternative will be to go to Youtube and search for some calming yoga workouts if you’d prefer something that will help you with relaxing at the same during the night.
  6. If you have spare time during the weekend, you can also go jogging around your subdivision or even join a free Zumba session in the malls or parks near you. But if you prefer resting, nothing wrong with that too, of course!

There are so many ways on how you can have some exercise even if you’re busy. There is actually no excuse. Find the right motivation (which should always be keeping yourself healthy) and the appropriate exercise routine which will go well with your schedule. You can Google other routines if my suggestions wouldn’t fit your lifestyle. Again, you have no legit excuse to not take care of yourself.

GIMSON GONZALES is an Accounting Assistant under the General Accounting Unit of LIGHT. He also manages a Facebook page about healthy living called Fit Habit.

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